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Clean up your system with a CCleaner download and improve performance.

When you download CCleaner, a free system optimisation application, the software analyses selected areas of your computer and gets rid of unusable and useless files.

The longer you use your PC, the more clogged with data it becomes and the slower it performs.

You might not notice at first. But eventually, you’ll find yourself waiting longer and longer for your PC to start or cursing the amount of time it takes to open a folder or application. 

Running the Disk Defragmenter in Windows might provide a short term solution, but ultimately you’ll need a dedicated system cleaner, one capable of analysing your computer to see why it’s become slow and optimising your system to improve performance.

CCleaner is one such system optimiser. It's a free download that promises to make your computer faster and more secure. 

How does it make it ‘faster’? CCleaner starts by analyses selected areas of your computer to identify unusable and redundant files. You might have stray files left over from a previous software installation that are no longer needed. Or programs that you no longer use.

CCleaner knows where to find these unnecessary files and applications and, with your permission, deletes them to free up space and lessen the load on your system. These might include temporary files in your web browser, Registry .DLLs or old fonts, icons and leftover uninstaller applications. 

The software is smart too - when deleting cookies (tiny chunks of data that track your website usage and remember passwords), CCleaner is clever enough not to delete anything that looks like login data. For example, any details you’ve saved for your email account.

As for ‘more secure’, CCleaner also is also very careful when it deletes files, so that you don't have to worry about involuntary data loss. Important system files are never touched and before CCleaner deletes something, it always shows you what it plans to do and what areas it has identified as being unimportant to the smooth running of your PC.

In the settings you can also set up customised folders that CCleaner will clean up every time you start your computer. Not only that, but this free PC cleaner offers many more settings, such as automatic clean-up during the boot process.

Verdict: High end data deletion. The little tool for your hard disk cleans your system and rids it of all unnecessary rubbish. If you use your computer a lot, download CCleaner to free up gigabytes of disk space and speed up computer performance.

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