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Download Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Extract the audio from your favourite Youtube videos

Download Free YouTube to MP3 converter and save music from a YouTube video as an MP3.

The Free YouTube to MP3 Converter enables you to exclusively download the audio track of a YouTube video. Paste the link to your selected video into the tool and specify which format and quality to convert it to. Click Download and you'll have the selected video's audio as an MP3 on your computer.

Seen a song you like on YouTube? Use this Free YouTube to MP3 Converter download to grab the audio so you can play the track whenever you like on your MP3 player or mobile phone. It will also fill in the MP3 tags and grab the appropriate artwork automatically.

The Free YouTube to MP3 Converter gets really powerful when it comes to playlists. You can save a bigger number of music tracks directly to your computer.

For example, choose 'popular' from the menu and you automatically call up a list of the current billboard top 20, letting the freeware take care of the download. This is a unique feature of the software and one of the best reasons to download it.

Yet there’s more to the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter than music. You can also use it to convert any video into a personalised podcast.

Grab an amazing talk from the YouTube TED channel, like Simon Sinek’s ‘How great leaders inspire action’ or Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, and you can listen to it while you drive.

Find an interview you’d like to listen to, or a webinar you haven’t got time to watch, and use the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter to transform it from a video you can only stream to an audio file that you can take anywhere. Not all YouTube videos require you to watch the onscreen action to get the full benefit of the content.

The Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is certainly a flexible piece of software and this is reinforced by a look at the Settings menu. You can download audio in MP3, AAC or OGG formats, as well as lossless audio formats including FLAC, ALAC and WAV. 

If you specify a higher video quality, you can increase the subsequent MP3 conversion quality (up to 320kbps). And, if you tick the right box, the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter software will also save the original video onto your hard disk. 

Verdict: Heard a cool song on YouTube? Wish you could convert a lengthy interview into an audio file? Download Free YouTube to MP3 Converter and you can easily pull titles onto your computer without having to watch the video. 

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Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

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